Snowcap Fashion Crafts: Wholesale supplier of Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts, fashion clothing, laundry dryer balls, rolled on bracelets, felt cat caves etc.

Snowcap Fashion Crafts deals with Wholesale Nepal Garments and Wholesale Nepal Handicrafts such as Hippie clothing, Bohemian clothing, Felt laundry dryer balls, Felt cat caves, Felt shoes, Felt purse, Tibetan singing bowls, Rolled on beads bracelets, Woolen earflap hats, Woolen gloves, Woolen jacekts, Woolen poncho, Woolen animal character hats, Rib cotton clothing, Cross shoulder bags, Bone handicrafts, Hemp hats, Hemp bags, Hemp purse, Jute hats, Jute bags, Lokta paper notebook, Lokta paper lampshades, Lokta paper greeting cards, Tibetan jewellery, Wooden masks, Himalayan aromatic incense, Hacky Sacks Knitted Kick Balls and much more.

Snowcap Fashion Crafts a socially conscious business: Mission and Social responsibility in a community

Snowcap Fashion Crafts is dedicated to promoting Nepalese handicrafts globally while prioritizing customer satisfaction with high-quality products and services. We provide job opportunities to underprivileged groups and give back to the community by donating 10% of our net profit to a dedicated fund that supports computer literacy programs and computer donations in rural schools and communities.

Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts, clothing handmade by Nepalese artisans

Snowcap Fashion Crafts, deals with manufacturing and wholesaling Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts and fashion clothing such as Hippie clothing, Tibetan singing bowls, Laundry dryer balls, Felt cat caves, Rolled on beads bracelets, Hemp & Nettle items, Himalayan aromatic incense, Felt slipper, Lokta paper crafts and Bone handicrafts etc.

Buy handicrafts at Snowcap Fashion Crafts and support the community!

Are you in search of Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts and fashion clothing items that has quality and a social cause? We provide you the much more opportunities than you might be thinking of clothing and handicrafts made in Kathmandu Nepal. Snowcap Fashion Crafts was established to manufacture and wholesale Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts and fashion clothing items. Our goods are made by skillful crafts people with no formal education. When you make this beautiful products your, you are not only promoting handmade, but also giving employment opportunities to underprivileged group in Nepal.